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Charles Oller Retirement Auction

October 6, 2018 @ 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM CDT

Auction Report:

1John Deere Z465 Zero Turn Lawn Mower1$3,000.0033
31,500 Gal. Poly Tank1$100.00107
4F11 Loader1$150.00132
5Butler 605 Gallon Propane Tank1$50.0061
6Farmhand Bucket1$50.00132
7500 gallon propane tank on running gear1$25.0069
82,000 gallon fuel tank on running gear w/pump1$1,500.00107
9500 gallon fuel tank with pump1$300.0076
10Underslung hay sled1$400.00153
13John Deere 115 blade1$700.00105
145' rotary mower1$325.0087
15Diamond H 10' land leveler1$2,200.00124
16International 3082 Series A 3pt. backhoe1$3,500.0088
17Road Machinery 4 yd pull-type scraper1$2,800.0034
18Snoco electric seed cleaner1$70.00503
19Hydraulic Intake Hopper1$1,200.0045
20Case 100 bu. Auger Wagon1$800.00133
21Killbros 385 grain fill wagon1$3,500.0085
22JD 9300 40 shovel drill1$350.0069
23JD 16' chisel , spikes, mulchers1$225.0076
24Miller 16' Offset Disk1$1,900.0092
25Brent 420 Grain Wagon1$4,300.00127
26Summers 48' harrow1$7,000.00130
27Summers Mfg Ultimate 90' pull type sprayer1$7,500.0054
28Case IH 34' tandem disk1$3,250.00117
29JD 2410 40' chisel, sweeps, mulchers, like new1$8,000.00131
30JD 750 no-till drill1$17,000.00106
31Hesston Swather1$1,000.00155
32WR 80-56 Auger1$1,000.0077
33Westfield 8x56 Auger1$200.0036
34Mayrath 6x341$100.0045
35Feterl 7x34 Auger1$400.00121
36Auger 7x511$250.0035
37Honda Recon E5 -- TITLE 11$800.00506
38Ludens 6.5' x 10' aluminum utility trailer -TITLE21$1,600.00103
39Gleaner N6 Combine1$2,500.001
4028' Allis Chalmers 327 Grain Head1$500.001
41Allis Chalmers 15' Grain Head1$200.001
42Melro 7.5' dummy head1$100.001
4325' Finger Reel1$250.001
44Cat Challenger 451$17,000.00113
45Cat Challenger 85C1$14,500.00123
46Allis Chalmers D19 Tractor1$1,200.0087
47Allis Chalmers 7045 Tractor1$3,900.00107
48John Deere 10' Dozer1$500.0054
492014 Volvo MC 135C Skidsteer1$28,000.0089
50MDS Pallet Fork1$900.0045
521978 Ford F-150 Ranger - TITLE 31$0.0025
531975 Ford F250 Custom - TITLE 41$1,000.0074
54PJ 7' x 21' tilt bed trailer - TITLE 51$3,700.0071
551974 Ford F700 - TITLE 61$4,000.0079
561967 International Truck - TITLE 71$1,600.00141
572013 Buick Enclave - TITLE 81$17,500.00103
582016 Mauer 34' Grain Trailer - TITLE 91$11,000.0062
592007 Freightliner Colombia - TITLE 101$17,000.0096
60Mikita sawzall1$10.0064
6120 ton shop jack1$15.0046
62pipe wrenches1$15.0078
63red stands1$20.0071
64gear puller1$15.0076
65clevice,pipe wrench1$65.0041
66pr of stands1$12.5056
67Mikita drill1$7.5031
68air tools1$22.5074
69oil all to go1$40.0053
70thread cutters in can1$15.0058
71GPS system display and cables1$1,400.00121
72can of 3/8 sockets,shop stool1$3.0065
73GPS system,wiring harness1$1,000.0096
742 drills, grinder1$7.5058
752 log chains1$30.0076
76air compressor,square,snake lite,hitch pin1$2.5087
77C clamps1$12.5054
78pipe clamp, thread cutters1$5.0058
79cordless grease gun1$25.0077
80come along, ratchet strap1$22.50108
81circular saw, rubber hammers1$2.5071
82Allen wrenches, 1/2 moon key stock,grommets1$10.0035
833/4 inch impact1$50.0042
84drill bits large set1$75.00121
85shop creeper1$15.00108
86vise grips, hack saws,asst1$17.5051
87asst of bolts,zip ties,flags1$5.0076
88metric impact sockets1$20.0064
89set of tools,wrenches1$45.0039
90long drill bits, tap and dies1$5.0058
91asst elec drills2$20.0095
92Craftsman 4 ton floor jack1$100.0046
933/4 inch impact gun1$30.00121
946 inch grinder1$30.00121
95asst electric parts,conduit,hydr stops,ratchets1$2.5074
96electric wire,flaring tool,cutoff tool1$2.5047
97cordless caulking gun1$22.5056
98metal hole saw kit1$70.00122
99floor jack1$130.00119
100drill bits, asst tools1$25.0035
101chain binders, asst tools1$25.0045
102PTO adapter,lite, JD moisture tester1$40.00121
103screw drivers, allen wrenches,chisels1$10.00122
104transfer pump1$100.00114
105caulking,bolt cutter,spray paint1$10.00122
106set of drill bits, hooks, nut drivers1$60.00122
107sledge hammer; jacks1$7.5036
108JD standard wrenches1$65.0046
109cordless drill,cordless circ saw Makita1$25.00119
110yellow containers of nuts,bolts,roll pins,rivets1$85.0036
111slide hammer,pry bars,tin shears,asst1$7.5058
112asst bolts,screws,nuts1$75.00122
113tool box, hydr hose,drill bits1$7.5041
114tire iron,reamer kit,shop rags1$17.5095
115old antique phone1$25.0049
116hose clamps, chucks,testers,washers1$35.0087
117cut off saw, blades Milwaukee1$150.00114
119battery jump starter,hammers,asst tools1$17.50119
120shop cart1$30.0041
121wire wheels, RPM adaptor, asst hand tools1$60.0074
1222 floor jacks,shop rags1$55.00119
123rasps,files,emery cloth, rain gauge1$45.0058
124trouble lite, tarp, socket set,asst tools1$10.0047
125drill bits, mirror, magnet,torque wrench1$32.5046
126set of metric wrenches1$17.5049
127grinder, Dewalt charger,plugs1$7.5047
128gear pullers, air pump,door knobs1$10.00119
129hoses for JD drill, bearings1$80.00117
131pipe fittings1$15.0074
132drill press w/magnet1$25.00121
134parts for hoe drill(shovels)1$35.0074
135corn sheller1$15.0038
136elec tape, grinding wheels,cable clamps1$12.5074
137elec circular saw1$10.0055
138rubber gloves,freon,R 134,organizer1$25.00121
139ready rod,all sizes,asst carb cleaner1$10.00105
140Air conditioner vacuum pump1$70.0074
141door cover,radio,hydr hoses1$15.00121
142Pioneer radio1$20.0077
143large wrenches, 1 metric, others standard1$45.00122
1443/4 inch drive socket set Craftsman1$85.0042
145mower parts, sickle parts,flare tools,rivets1$7.5050
146welding helmets, lock nuts,screw drivers1$35.00122
147air die grinder,bits1$15.0054
148hammer, torque set, metric wrench set1$37.50122
149tap & die set, 1/2 moon keystock,asst tools1$45.00122
15020 ton floor jack1$20.00120
151barrel pump1$5.0065
153welding rod1$10.0071
154oil cans; multi meter, asst tools1$5.00119
155load binder1$2.5050
156tool box, rivet parts1$10.00121
157welder,cords Miller AC DC1$300.0038
159bull dog jack1$20.0055
160cylinder cleaner, stoppers, battery cable1$5.0065
161tire chains1$2.5051
1622 jacks1$22.5049
163receiver hitch1$25.009
164trailor jack1$75.00120
1655 tine fork, fuel additive1$2.5041
166shop vac w/attachments1$25.00121
167down spouts, stand1$5.0074
168grease guns1$5.00113
169ext cords1$10.0049
170choice cylinder all to go1$2.5071
171teeth for sweeps J Deere,sweep teeth1$2.50121
172chain hoist1$27.50113
1738 ply implement tire1$50.00117
175cable, 1/2 inch pipe,16 inch tire1$1.0041
1762 stands1$2.5072
177implement jack1$10.0051
178flat tin, ast1$12.5064
179bench grinder w/stand1$20.0055
180disc scrapers-151$55.00120
181log chain1$12.5045
182disc parts,bearings1$10.0066
183sledge hammer, tarps,end gate,creepers1$5.0041
184sprayer parts1$2.5036
185show tack, trimmer, comb1$60.00119
186disc parts1$5.0066
189disk parts1$2.5074
190hydraulic hose maker1$5.0071
191oil barrel & pump1$2.5065
192ratchet straps1$15.00118
193implement tire1$60.00120
195rivets, 30w oil1$35.0035
196measuring wheel1$25.00121
197jack & binder1$1.0051
198two cylinders1$1.00121
200pressure washer1$85.00135
201marlin 221$115.0071
202remington 22 synthetic stock1$335.0041
203remington 725 .280 cal1$305.0030
204JC Higgins Model 5831 12 ga. shotgun1$60.0041
205Daisy Air Rifle1$20.0070
206leather gun holder1$55.00119
207soft sided gun case1$2.5041
208steel lathe1$1,800.0074
209air compressor1$400.0076
210lick tub, misc parts on pallet1$10.00105
211bolt bin, 3 tubs of bolts1$100.0035
212Craftsman table saw1$70.00135
2134 ton port of power1$150.0046
214gas powered generator1$130.00143
215bucket of clamps, sander, square, table1$10.00127
217asst shop tools on pallet, sander, saw blades1$5.00119
218pipe bender,roller stand1$27.5089
219seat,tractor parts on pallet1$35.00113
220power washer1$50.0041
2212 way radios1$5.0065
223machinery wiring on pallet1$10.00110
224engine stand1$175.00117
2256 inch bench grinder on stand1$90.0084
226saw horses1$10.0055
227red shop cart1$25.0047
228shop lite, floor scraper1$1.00118
229green toolbox1$20.0099
230beer tapper1$25.0090
231Durocs tin sign1$10.009
232box of J Deere parts1$5.0099
234U bolts, hitch pins1$12.50121
235milo guards1$20.00127
236belts in red box1$2.50121
237roller chain,asst1$40.00121
238low head room kit1$1.0071
239bucket of insulators,cow bell1$4.00113
240Mobil gas can1$1.0041
241vise on stand1$175.0035
242drill press1$210.0046
243stabilizer bar1$1.00119
2452 saw horses1$2.5055
246Mlps Moline board1$15.00140
247gray box of tractor parts1$5.0099
2482 buckets of copper1$5.0070
249rest of stuff on pallet1$2.5051
250cylinder stops1$20.0099
251ammo box1$5.0072
252red toolbox1$10.00121
253toolbox, roller chain slicers1$40.00117
254hydraulic hoses1$22.50110
255electric wire1$10.0070
256number branding iron1$30.0066
257plumbing supplies on pallet1$5.00121
258truck fenders1$7.50121
259box of hydraukic hose ends1$5.0099
260grease cartridges1$55.00113
261gas can1$2.5086
2623 plastic jugs of oil1$10.00132
263choice on barrel2$10.0071
2642 empty barrels1$0.0025
265empty barrels1$5.0062
2665 W 30 engine oil1$20.00110
267hydraulic oil 2 jugs1$10.00132
268oil cans1$30.0071
269RV antifreeze1$7.50124
270power take of shaft1$15.0071
271oil cans, barrel pump, asst on pallet1$5.00132
272saw w/wooden handles1$22.50121
273#9 wire1$17.5040
274stretcher, posthole diggers1$30.00116
275axes, shovel handle1$2.5041
276post pounder1$12.5040
279barrel pump1$5.00116
280asst tools on pallet1$2.5051
281red ammo box1$7.0072
282gas can-plastic1$5.00132
2832 boxes of tools1$15.00117
284straps,clevices, hammer,tin toolbox1$10.00133
285ext cord,tarp straps, staple gun1$2.50132
286log chains1$17.5021
287air bomb,jacks1$20.0052
288tools, parts on pallet1$2.5051
289aluminum ladder1$25.00105
290induction tank and hoses1$225.00108
291ratchet strap, log chain1$15.00105
292hydraulic press1$125.00137
293chain hoist on stand w/wheels 2 ton1$300.0075
294Wild cat 3 point 5th wheel1$225.00103
295post shaver1$75.0050
2962 cylinders1$1.0051
297tire choice4$240.00153
298tire choice1$20.00131
299tire choice1$20.0041
300tire choice1$20.009
301tires to go1$15.00132
302Danhause 3 pt posthole digger1$400.00105
303Ranch hand grill guard1$75.0096
305tires pile of three1$0.0025
306steel pile1$50.0062
3071000 gallon propane tank1$700.00143
308choice pickup fuel tank1$75.00125
309pickup fuel tank1$2.0069
311hay sweep1$45.0069
312propane tanks1$60.0062
313fuel tank on stand1$5.0069
3143 pt double bale carrier1$1,200.00139
315ball attachment1$125.0045
316creep feeder choice2$1,000.0085
3174 telephone poles4$30.00105
319rod weeder1$45.0069
320auger w/chain hoist1$15.0069
321snow plow1$50.0061
322old ford pickup1$210.0074
324wheel from cat tractor1$10.0061
325rod weeder & two corn wagons1$165.0069
329cat tracks1$5.0051
3352 badger boxes2$50.0069
342disk drill1$100.0069
345stack cage1$50.0051
346hay feeder1$35.0069
347iron pile1$40.0069


October 6, 2018
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM CDT
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