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Howard Martin Living Trust

October 30, 2018 @ 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM CDT

Auction Report:

1electric fencers,battery charger1$2.5033
2cane fishing poles1$2.50184
4Gehl tin sign1$50.0044
52 saws1$30.0098
6DeWalt saw1$25.00175
7collector gas cans1$2.50164
8Red Crown sign1$200.0090
9coal buckets1$12.5089
10copper tub1$22.50184
11Chevy hub caps1$5.00157
12Gates tin sign1$2.50174
13hub caps1$2.50157
14hog dish,rings1$2.5087
15hub caps1$17.50157
16tank heater KAT'S1$15.00171
17hub caps1$20.00157
18come along, calf puller1$2.50159
19kerosene tank and cans1$25.00164
20chain links,wooden box,rivets1$1.00174
21bean pot,lister pot1$35.0090
23shop creeper1$2.50168
24hydrant head,ext cords,jumper cables1$7.00179
254 funnels1$7.5096
26jumper cable, corn planter monitor1$1.00174
27choice dehorner1$35.00161
29heating elements, wrench set,bungie cords1$17.50164
30trouble lite,hay hook1$1.00174
31washers,tire repair kit,air tester1$2.0097
32pair of dehorners1$1.0015
33knippers,hobbles,horse halter1$2.5097
34ext/drop cords1$2.00184
36steel pulleys,rope1$5.00177
37pulleys, hog pan1$5.00163
38horse bits1$40.00162
39hand oil cans1$1.00171
40bucket of horse shoes1$5.00161
4180/90 wt oil, axle grease1$10.00178
42floats,pole holders,stove pipe1$1.00159
43paint brushes,rope,caulking gun1$2.00198
44fender skirts1$3.0089
45trouble lights,head light, bulbs1$1.00178
46guards for mower1$10.00165
47cob forks1$2.509
48circular saw,brazen bits1$25.00165
49pitch forks1$12.5021
50pitch forks1$25.00198
51hydr hose, belts1$2.50178
52buggy jack choice2$100.00165
53ice chopper1$7.50164
54Remington ammo box,horse nets1$27.50162
55Ford tire tool1$5.00164
56wooden scythes1$5.00184
57cow poke1$2.00164
58threaders,wrenches,solder gun1$5.00163
59hay hooks, military stakes1$10.00161
60misc tools,hitch pins1$10.00178
61hay knife1$1.0085
62railroad tool,bars1$20.0092
63ext cords,flags,jumper cable1$1.00174
64box of new bearings1$2.00178
65rasps,file,tool box1$1.00161
67gate hinges1$2.509
68vise,rail piece1$2.0015
69pair of shovels1$2.00184
70Fairfax pry bar1$2.50161
72scoop shovels,wire stretchers1$17.5092
73tails for windmill choice2$20.00163
74chain links,c clamps, gear puller1$7.50165
75pipe wrenches,speed wrenches1$2.50178
76hains choice1$105.0090
77hains choice2$110.009
78sledge hammer-choice1$15.0096
79sledge hammer1$10.0021
82bucket of hog scrapers1$2.5097
88chicken catcher,hog pan1$1.0084
89cow bell,corn huskers,old license plates1$22.5084
90saddle choice2$20.00164
91International toolboxes-pair1$7.5089
92fly nets,halters,rope1$1.00177
93hay hooks1$10.0084
95boxes of asst tools,Remington boxes1$4.00174
97box of tool aprons1$5.00223
98insulators,chain binder1$1.00184
99Hudson piece1$3.00176
100wrenches for lumber wagon, forge tools1$10.009
101Erector set tin1$15.0083
102hydraulic jack1$1.00174
103Buzz saw blade1$30.00196
104Stanley plate, fishing supplies,wooden levels1$15.00161
105clevices, battery carriers, nuts, Allen wrenches1$3.0097
106box of hose clamps1$1.00171
107lunch box, wrenches1$30.0090
108ice saw,tree saw1$35.00184
109roller chains-new1$10.00190
110wrenches in bucket,asst1$35.00165
112cake pan, picnic basket,antifreeze1$1.00174
113harness parts, cream can,separator1$12.50163
114wooden box, asst tools1$15.00161
115chain hooks,links,lug bolts,1$2.00200
116oil cans1$1.00184
117wooden tool box1$10.00155
118DeWalt 14 V drill1$65.00226
119chisels,big pc of brass1$30.0090
120pop bottle,pipe wrenches,tin snip1$12.50161
121railroad tie1$2.50220
122rivets,sickle sections,changing tool1$5.00200
123pail of chain repair links,bolts1$1.00174
124seed sacks,asst1$3.00174
125cream can1$7.50163
126green box of asst tools1$7.50165
127hinges,chain hook,cylinder stops1$2.00165
128standard wrenches,sockets1$25.00165
129bench grinder1$7.50161
130ammo box,hog pan of asst tools,wedges1$17.5089
132meat grinder,rakes,hoe1$2.00184
133boxes of misc nuts,bolts,washers,screwdrivers1$5.00184
134roll pins, connecting links1$4.00165
135live trap,wooden box,leather punch,hydr adaptors1$7.0089
136old wrenches w/wooden handles1$10.00231
137Nipco heater1$25.0040
138barn glass1$0.0025
139wooden box,welding rod,washers1$5.00178
140old wrenches1$1.00164
142enamel bucket,bike seat, asst tools,hog pan1$1.00174
143old tools1$10.00161
144seed plates,load binder1$2.50159
145tire chains,seed plates,grease gun1$1.00174
146wooden tool box1$45.00164
147asst grease ,tools1$11.00174
148chain separator,trowels,hog pan1$17.509
149drill,drill bits,red toolbox1$10.00165
150asst hydr cylinder,chain1$27.50165
151flaring tool,cotter tools,tester1$2.00183
152cream can choice1$115.0090
153cream can1$50.0084
155milk buckets1$27.5084
1572 wood planes1$2.50161
158water cooler-antique1$30.00163
159bushel basket, pop bottle, canister1$5.00200
160flag and pole, hymnals,wooden box1$30.00192
161tractor seat1$5.0084
162wooden high chair1$5.0088
163eveners, collar1$2.50184
164jars, wooden box,asst tools1$1.0088
165wooden chair1$2.5088
166coffee cups,wooden box,light house1$0.0025
167wooden chair choice3$15.00161
168wooden chairs to go1$1.00200
169choice school desk1$12.50177
170desks all to go1$1.0088
171garden tiller antique1$7.50176
172wooden ironing board1$1.0088
173air pumps,handle,enamel pot & pan1$1.00174
174copper lid,knife,truck,tins1$2.50184
175rings & hub caps,sled1$2.50188
176picture frames1$2.50196
177jugs,milk separator1$5.00161
178antique door choice2$50.00226
179kerosene canister1$1.00188
180wooden doors1$10.0092
181pant stretchers,trunk1$1.00184
182baskets, washer agitator,drawers1$1.00188
1831 x 6 wood pieces1$2.50184
184pic frames,clamp1$0.0025
186wooden handles1$1.00184
187water cans1$22.5098
188pulleys, rope1$15.00163
1893 shovels1$10.00158
190wooden seat1$7.50163
191kerosene heater1$27.50181
193torch,pry bar1$2.50200
194oil jug,funnels1$4.00188
196steel hinges,hog pan,wooden box1$8.00163
197machetes,enamel pan,jars,basket1$27.5090
199evener Jerry Hutchison1$5.00245
202planter plates1$3.00174
203antifreeze, diesel fuel treatment1$2.50188
204rakes, pitchforks1$20.0089
205well jack1$5.00223
206gas cans1$7.50188
207hay knife1$17.50184
208galv buckets1$20.00184
209axe, sludgehammer1$12.50158
210fly sprayers & nipple buckets1$7.50188
2112 buckets fence clips, wire1$15.00188
212headlights, air breather, cow kicker1$2.50188
213gas cans1$2.50188
214post hole diggers1$35.00192
215post hole digger & pounder1$10.00179
216oil cans, oil canisters1$12.50188
217wire stretchers, tamper1$20.00178
219nails, tire chains, nails1$2.50188
220steel buckets, license plates1$17.50157
221wood box1$30.0044
222sled & mailbox1$17.5096
223electric steel posts & garden hose1$20.00171
224traps & fur stretchers1$10.00181
226galv tub & mirror1$50.0088
227tin cans1$2.50188
228wright saw1$5.00181
229belt pully1$15.00158
230sickle sharpener1$5.00177
231hay knife1$12.50181
232chain tightener, box of sprockets1$20.00190
234chain tightener1$2.50223
236lid for new idea planter, grinding stone, mailbox1$2.50188
237pop bottles, wood box, belts1$1.00174
238international parts1$2.00188
239plastic buckets1$9.00179
240potato fork, wrench1$1.00177
241draw bar,cable1$10.00158
242enamel spitoon,nose lead, 3 buckets1$2.00188
243iron,grease gun1$2.00188
245big piece of iron1$7.50182
247rope stretcher1$15.00223
248log chain,bolts,bucket1$2.50158
249horse equipment1$15.00245
250cream can1$25.00176
251hinges, nails1$7.50176
252pitman sticks1$1.00220
253stakes for New Holland baler1$2.50181
254grain cleaner,wooden doors,ladder1$1.00188
255miter box,slow sign1$3.0089
2562 cob forks1$5.0098
257pole climbers, oiler1$3.00159
258stabilizer bars1$55.00190
259ice tongs, ear corn dryer1$25.00163
260asst hand tools,shovel,cob fork1$12.50175
262big wrenches1$17.50190
263handles for one bottom plow1$10.00176
264hay knives,hog waterer1$5.00164
266sickle sections,jack1$10.00188
267roller chain, mower shoe,chisel spikes1$3.00174
268pile of steel cans1$9.00188
270enamel pans1$10.0098
271grass seeder1$1.00188
272buckets, cans of bolts1$4.00188
273toolbox, old tools1$10.00164
274box of insulators1$2.50223
275bird carrier, tools1$2.00188
276log chains1$22.50234
277basket,jumper cables,asst tools,hay hooks1$4.00188
278tin tubs1$45.00161
279pump jack1$25.00223
280insulators, shingles,hog pan,stove grate1$3.00174
282cylinders and stops1$22.50171
283clevices,pipe fittings,mower board1$15.00245
2844 sickles1$27.50165
285wooden bunk choice1$35.00188
286wooden bunk choice1$25.00188
2873 wooden bunks1$10.00188
288stationary engine1$200.0084
289hog oiler on stand1$50.0081
290hog oiler1$5.00188
292choice grinder1$75.00196
293choice grinder1$40.00164
295barn cupula1$400.0081
296small cupula1$10.00163
297calf sled1$2.50188
298stock panels first pile on north1$165.00159
299short stack of panels1$20.00159
300south pile of stock panels1$35.00159
301bridge planks1$165.00196
302pile of lumber choice1$325.00176
303pile of lumber choice1$75.0083
304pile of lumber choice1$50.00223
305pile of barn lumber1$15.00223
306lumber pile choice1$35.00223
307lumber pile choice1$15.00223
311lumber 4 piles all to go1$30.00223
312well pipe1$35.00188
313calf hut choice1$95.00245
314calf hut1$40.00245
315roll of hog wire choice3$72.00198
316roll of hog wire choice2$34.00198
317roll of hog wire choice2$30.00168
318hog wire to go1$2.50188
319choice wire1$7.50188
320choice wire2$10.0015
321wire all to go1$2.50188
322hog pans1$15.00188
323hog pan on stand1$5.00178
324heat lamps1$5.00188
325hog feeders1$22.5099
326barb wire roll1$25.00179
327barb wire to go1$15.00198
328chevy hood1$1.00188
3292 rolls of wire1$22.50188
330smooth wire all to go1$30.00158
331orange tub of game traps1$60.00179
332choice live trap4$60.00196
333vise on barrel1$5.00158
334choice of barrels1$5.0082
335choice of barrels1$5.00192
3363 barrels1$10.00195
337propane bottle1$5.00192
338barrel pump1$2.50195
339lawn mower-red one1$50.00158
340yellow mower1$10.00239
341air compressor1$45.00158
343choice fuel tank1$325.00234
344fuel tank1$300.0090
345choice hay feeder1$5,550.0091
346smaller hay feeder1$5,200.00193
347bale feeder Hi Qual1$500.00193
348choice bale feeder1$100.00234
349bale feeders-21$50.00219
350choice of wagons1$725.00165
351choice of wagons1$350.00164
352choice of wagons1$175.0090
353wooden wagon1$15.00161
3542 point bale carrier1$15.00164
355wagon hoist1$5.00164
356JD manure spreader1$65.00188
3572 row corn picker IH1$125.00240
358IH cultivator1$75.00240
359choice plow1$110.00165
360IH plow1$75.00240
361IH chisel1$325.0090
36219 foot disc1$800.00186
36315 foot IH disc1$250.00178
364JD 19 foot tandem disc1$450.00158
365IH 9 section drag harrow1$2,200.00165
366port o seeder1$550.00251
367IH grinder mixer1$4,300.00222
3681100 IH mower1$1,300.00248
369H & S 14 wheel rake1$7,000.00252
370choice tire chain set1$100.00188
371choice tire chain set1$25.00197
372chain set 12's1$2.50188
3732 point attachment1$5.00158
374IH Farm hand 4601$1,400.00177
375Farmall H gas tractor 19501$1,000.00192
377Farmall 656 tractor1$5,000.00188
378sweep head1$100.00188
379Case IH 5240 tractor1$32,000.00156
3802012 Chevy Silverado TITLE1$19,000.00239
3811970 IH Scout. TITLE1$300.00157
382IH iron1$10.00188
3832 bottom plow1$45.00240
3842 row horse drawn planter1$50.00186
385horse drawn cultivator1$75.00240
386horse drawn one bottom plow1$25.00240
3872 row horse drawn lister1$85.00188
388horse drawn mower1$35.00240
389horse drawn lister 2 row1$70.00240
390horse drawn dump rake1$70.006
391horse drawn mower1$70.00240
392horse drawn cultivator1$25.00188
393straight disc1$25.00240
394choice tumble bug2$10.00188
395press drill1$5.00174
397steel rims1$10.00188
399wheels- choice1$55.00161
400wheels- choice2$100.0084
401wheels- choice1$25.00188
402wheels- choice1$25.00200
403wheels- choice2$20.00188
404horse drawn equipment1$20.00164
405pile of iron parts1$12.5098
406pile of wheels1$15.00188
407electric hack saw1$5.00188
409IH windrower1$200.00240
410side delivery rake1$85.00246
411parts for mower1$60.00240
4135 section drag1$210.00246
415disc drill1$100.00240
416choice running gear1$100.0090
417running gear1$40.00170
418wooden asst pieces1$70.00184
419choice seat on pallet7$175.0090
420choice seat on pallet6$45.0095
421iron stand1$5.00253
422windmill head1$185.0090
423dump rake1$25.00240
424straight disc1$40.00240
4252 row cultivator1$25.00240
4261 row lister1$20.00200
427endgate seeders1$30.00188
428choice water pump2$280.0095
429choice water pump1$27.5084
430water pumps1$25.009
431seed hoppers off planter1$1.00188
432black plastic pipe from well1$1.00188
433saddle tanks for fertilizer1$2.00188
434seed boxes1$1.00188
435choice tire2$10.00188
436pile of tires1$5.00188
437tireson pallets1$5.00188
438snout for picker1$2.50188
440windbreak steel1$75.0083
441iron pile1$40.00188



October 30, 2018
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM CDT
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