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Loren Reetz Estate

September 13, 2018 @ 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM CDT

Auction Report:

1Fourney Arc Welder1$131.25220S
2AaLadin Cleaning Systems Pressure Washer1$1,890.00223S
3300-gallon steel water transport tank1$47.25516S
4Hesston corn head rows1$10.50188S
5JD quick tach hitch1$577.5039S
6100-gal portable fuel tank w/electric pump1$136.50179S
7Ottawa 3-pt. post hole digger1$10.50224S
8F.W. Assoc. Inc. 3-pt. log splitter1$78.75157S
9JD LX172 Riding Lawn Mower1$630.00132S
10Coleman Powermate Maxa 5,000 watt generator1$262.5051S
11Honda ATC 110 Three-Wheeler1$735.00128S
12Honda FourTrax 300 ATV 4wd1$1,575.00151S
131,500-gallon poly storage tank1$315.00256S
14Clipper Mill Seed Cleaner1$78.75256S
153pt. Two-Bale Carrier1$1,155.00125S
16John Deere No. 16, 2-bottom plow1$367.50154S
17John Deere 450 Trail Mower1$3,097.50141S
18John Deere 2-point sickle mower1$63.00168S
191996 Ford Explorer1$1,155.00129S
201983 Dodge Power Ram 250 Pickup1$3,255.00183S
211977 Cheverolet Silverado1$6,195.00151S
221995 Ford F2501$5,355.00203S
231974 Chevrolet C651$4,830.00264S
24Lorenz Chain Sled1$13,125.00191S
25New Holland 1475 Haybine HS Series1$13,125.00157S
26Vermeer R2300 v-rake1$17,325.00164S
27John Deere 569 Baler1$47,250.00289S
28Kory Farm Equipment 8' x 14' wooden flatbed1$761.25119S
29Gravity Wagon w/grain fill auger1$2,940.00203S
30John Deere 16' shovel drill w/grass seeder1$210.00284S
31John Deere 400 16' rotary hoe1$367.506S
32Electric Corn Wagon1$315.00123S
33Electric Corn Wagon1$367.50123S
34International 496 21' tandom disk1$10,500.00119S
35International 475 - 18' tandom disk1$2,100.00285S
36John Deere 3-pt. cultivator1$1,627.50137S
379-section drag w/transport1$1,260.00199S
39John Deere 12' disk drill w/grass seeder1$210.00226S
40Sunflower 15' Noble1$262.50215S
41Roorda manure spreader1$4,462.50233S
42John Deere 1590 Drill1$39,900.00254S
43John Deere 1760 MaxEmerge planter1$7,350.00174S
44Antique manure spreader1$367.50164S
45Antique Chevy Loadstar truck1$315.00279S
46John Deere 45 combine1$1,890.00154S
47John Deere A1$945.0075S
48John Deere 6150R w/H380 Loader1$116,550.0038S
49MDS Bale Spear1$945.0039S
50MDS Pallet Fork1$892.5039S
51John Deere 42401$26,250.00206S
52John Deere 158 loader1$4,200.00206S
53John Deere 44501$35,700.00157S
54John Deere 42551$42,000.00126S
55Set of Duals1$525.00250S
56John Deere 30201$9,450.00131S
57John Deere 40201$16,275.00263S
58John Deere 530 w/F10 loader1$4,462.50295S
59John Deere 14' disk1$840.0042S
60John Deere 780 windrower1$525.0027S
61John Deere 800 windrower1$1,155.0027S
62Mayrath 8" x 51' grain auger1$420.00157S
63JD straight disk1$236.2528S
64Farmhand 5-wheel side delivery rake1$262.50513S
65Rowse 42' dump rake1$210.00123S
66John Deere grain elevator1$105.00136S
67John Deere Serflex1$682.50215S
68Old Drag1$157.50195S
69Yellow Hay Feeder1$52.50256S
70WELDING ROD1$7.88240S
71toolbox and funnels,hub caps1$2.63210S
73skill saw, blades1$2.63236S
74scoop shovels, broom, posthole digger1$7.88151S
75grinder blades, shields1$2.63126S
76air hoses1$26.25122S
77posthole digger,shovels1$2.63210S
78vaccum cleaner parts,misc1$2.63126S
79extension cords,3 way1$5.25151S
80Dodge parts,bearings,sprockets1$2.63242S
81belts,clamp,jumper cables1$2.63126S
82ice scrapers,vent lids1$2.63127S
83slow moving signs,weights1$2.63126S
84air pump,jumper cables, bucket of parts1$18.38253S
85bike tire pump,drill1$5.25242S
86sockets w/hydraulic ends, chisel shanks,valve,cn1$2.63210S
87misc JD parts1$52.50253S
88hose clamps,pipe fittings1$13.13126S
89buggy jack,moisture tester,scale1$2.63208S
90hydraulic cylinder1$5.25298S
91oil,elec cords1$2.10126S
92grease,oil pump,oil1$42.003S
93crate of gear pullers,asst tools,speed chain1$7.88126S
94gas can,air bubble1$1.05151S
962 shelves,cupboard,1$2.10114S
98bucket of grease guns,welding helmet1$2.63126S
99crate of JD gaurds, oil,sickle sections1$26.25113S
100window cleaner,semi strap1$15.75253S
101oil cans1$15.75126S
102hub cap,grain tester1$13.13126S
103blue tub,cable,nuts & bolts1$2.63126S
104air powered sprayer and pump1$52.50253S
105pipe and speed wrenches1$13.13126S
106gas nozzles,pipe1$3.15126S
1073/4 inch drive socket set1$31.50126S
108barrel pump,wrenches1$31.50253S
109funnels,crate asst cans1$2.63203S
110board, asst tools,iron1$1.05126S
111toolbox, many asst tools1$42.00126S
112log chain,shovel,clevice,sickle1$5.25122S
113planter talc1$1.05200S
114tire choice2$10.506S
115tires to go1$0.0025S
116tire choice1$5.25210S
117tires to go1$0.0025S
118tire choice5$13.136S
119tire choice1$42.00273S
120tires to go,rim1$0.0025S
121tire choice1$26.25233S
122tires to go1$52.50233S
123tires to go1$0.0025S
124tire choice1$2.63211S
125tires to go1$2.63233S
126air compressor1$2.63242S
127wooden jacks1$0.0025S
128tire repair machine1$210.00284S
129pump jack,pump,iron,gas engine1$5.25188S
130car carrier for luggage1$0.0025S
132white poly water tank 450 gallon1$105.00139S
133chicken feeders1$18.38114S
134grain dryers,hopper1$157.50239S
136sickle sections,hubs1$47.25126S
137silage tarp1$31.50253S
1383 point arms1$105.00126S
139snow blower POULAN PRO1$420.00141S
140snow blower SNOWFLITE1$94.50223S
141plastic pipe1$1.05226S
142tractor mount sprayer1$2.63188S
143ATV sprayer,hand sprayer1$31.50247S
144grain cleaner1$761.25273S
145saddle tanks & frame1$78.75279S
146grain auger1$63.00228S
148bale feeder choice2$231.00187S
1492 bale feeders1$42.00187S
1504 bottom plow1$131.25279S
151go devil1$131.25279S
152trailor NO title1$52.50228S
153pickup sprayer1$787.50284S
154guidance system1$498.75132S
155Chevy pickup 1974 TITLE 61$1,050.00210S
1563 point drill transport1$393.75263S
157pull type harrow1$420.00285S
158field chisel and spikes1$105.00111S
159JD front end1$498.75179S
160Set of Duals1$210.0010S
161Set of Duals1$10.506S
162tractor chains choice1$78.75294S
163tractor chains1$26.25224S
164tires,water pipe1$5.2515S
165weights and brackets1$315.00239S
166choice attachment2$210.00295S
167sweep head1$26.25188S
168grain auger on south1$105.0050S
169JD straight disk1$105.00188S
171Yellow Hay Feeder1$26.25188S
172Iron Pile in yard1$183.75253S


September 13, 2018
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM CDT
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